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Travel Teams

What separates True from other programs?

People ask us all the time what separates us from the other travel programs. Where do you travel? Where do you practice? Who are you playing? These are the first questions we tend to get from parents and prospective players. To us, this is very typical of what we do.

Sports to us are a tool, to further a persons development outside of the classroom. Nowhere else in life can a young person go through so much adversity in short periods of time. The highs and lows are instances usually within minutes of each other. Emotions are up, emotions are down. There is so much to learn about character, discipline, passion, and self-control within the framework of sports. These swings help student-athletes handle more complicated issues in life.

What separates us from other programs? We can talk about our level of competition, our intensity in practice, our knowledge of the game. All things to make our student-athletes better lacrosse players, but that’s not it.

What separates us is what we give our student-athletes off the field. Sports are used for growth and education. We are helping teach these young men about life. Humility, leadership, confidence, teamwork, work ethic. We send out consistent messages throughout the year stressing the importance of being on the right path to success and helping young men with perspective because it’s very easy to lose sight of it on a daily basis.

We conduct meetings with players and parents. These meetings are not as much about lacrosse as they are making a plan of action to reach their goals. Putting a regiment forward to being not the best lacrosse player they can be, but the best person they can be. What are they doing to help others? What example are they setting for their peers? Are you being a good son/sibling? Are you putting yourself on the right path to become successful?

Yes, we’ll help you in the recruiting process. Yes, we’ll help you become a better lacrosse player. What’s most important to us is that you left our program being a better person and on the right path to success.

-True Michigan Directors 


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