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"True Lacrosse, their coaches, have provided a great experience for our boys.  Their instruction has not only made them better players but they've also helped set the bar high to be better men."

          - Dana & Scott Stenstrom, Grand Rapids Christian

"We model and teach our children to work hard, set goals and value relationships.  We found those same values in the True Lacrosse program.  In 2010, our son, Kevin, started with True and they helped develop him into an All-American midfielder who scored a scholarship to Queens University in Charlotte, NC.  Our youngest, Jake, a 2017 student athlete wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps and began his True experience in 2014 as a rising sophomore.  The coaching staff helped Jake realize what he needed to do to reach his goal of playing DI lacrosse.  With hard work and a close relationship with his True coaches, Jake improved tremendously and as a junior accepted a scholarship to play DI at UMass Lowell. The True coaches guided, mentored and supported Jake through the entire recruiting process.  The coaches gave Jake the tools to be confident on the field and also in communicating with college coaches.  As parents,  we appreciate the time True vested in teaching both of our sons the importance of setting goals, communicating confidently, working hard on and off the field,  and having a growth mindset .These life long lessons greatly helped mold our  boys into  being respectful  young men who value true relationships  while loving the game of lacrosse.  Being part of the True family is worth driving across the state for practices, trips out East for tournaments and the commitment to believe in their values."

          - Nancy and Norm Lining Rochester Hills, Michigan

"TRUE Michigan Lacrosse is almost like having a second family for our son. The coaches send "Monday Messages" that focus not only on lacrosse issues, but more importantly, the character development of the player on and off the field. We all look forward to the motivational quotes and the necessity of integrity, academics, surrounding yourself with positive role models.Supporting the players OFF THE FIELD is one of the unexpected rewards of having our son on the TRUE team." 

          - Ramona Thompson, Detroit Catholic Central

"As we got to know the leaders, coaches and program at True Lacrosse, we were really impressed with their focus on the kids as developing young men, not just lacrosse players. Their knowledge of the game and coaching technique is fantastic. But, what really sets True apart is their interest in the boys off the field. They stress academics, ethics and character. We had no idea were getting such a great group of mentors for our son. Thanks for all of the care and hard work!"

          - Howard Brophy, Cranbrook

"The True Lacrosse team helped turn our boys into young men by stressing the importance of goal setting and working hard to achieve those goals.  Playing college lacrosse for boys from the Michigan forces you to really get out there and get noticed.  My son had to take charge of his future by preparing film, writing emails, calling coaches, visiting colleges, interviewing with admissions and coaches ---- and work hard on grades!  It’s a lot to pack in.  Chris and Dan have done this many times and were instrumental in helping make it happen for my son!  We are lucky to have them in West Michigan."

          - Scott Morgan, East Grand Rapids

"True Lacrosse is helping my son become a better Lacrosse player and helping him through the recruiting process.  More importantly, True lacrosse is helping my son understand what it means to work hard to achieve his goals, be a great student, being able to communicate well with adults, Taking responsibility for himself, and general life lessons that will help make him successful in life.  True does this not just by preaching it every week, but sitting down with my son and I and helping him with goal setting and making a plan to achieve his goals not just in Lacrosse, but outside of Lacrosse.  I truly believe that my son's experience with the True Lacrosse program will help him become a better student, employee, friend, brother, husband, father, and so forth in the future.  I love watching my son play Lacrosse and hope he can continue playing in college, but more importantly I look forward to seeing him become a happy, productive, and successful man as he grows.  All of which is his responsibility with the help of myself and his mom, but True Lacrosse has become another great resource and aid to help with it." 

          - Graeme Hennessey, Grand Haven

"True Michigan has given our son motivation to be the best he can be in school, basketball, sailing and lacrosse.  He has shown leadership and athletic skills after joining True Michigan.   He was the only freshman to be chosen by Varsity Basketball and Varsity Lacrosse teams this fall to practice.  Most of his friends don't even know this because he doesn't talk about it at all.  Everyday after school he works out at the gym before doing homework.  Last summer, he competed in Butterfly Nationals placing 5th overall, along with traveling with True Michigan to tournaments.  The dedication of others on this team and the coaches inspires him to excel.   The True State Team 2018 has become close friends who I believe will stay friends for life.    Acedemics are seen as the most important part of a student-athletes career, and with True Michigan's support these players excel in both school and sport.   I believe without True Michigan our son would not have had the desire or motivation to excel in all he has over the past 2 years.  Developing a positive relationship with teammates and coaches gives self-esteem and self-worth without big heads and egos.  I haven't seen any of that with this team, even though they are winning and doing very well at tournaments. True Michigan coaching and players are the absolute best we could have imagined and we are very thankful we decided to try-out for this team."

          - Cindy Nordberg, Okemos

"Over the past two years my son went from a boy playing lacrosse to a young man driven to find the right college for his academic needs, college life experiences and the opportunity to play a college sport. This transformation would not have occurred if not for the insight, direction and commitment of True Lacrosse Michigan. From our first experience the True coaching staff continued to stress the importance of being a respected, well rounded young man. To make the right decisions when no one is watching.  To always take complete responsibility for your grades, your athletics, your place in your family as well as your school and community.  I believe as a result of these past two years with True Lacrosse our son is a better person today.  We are very thankful for our affiliation with True Lacrosse."

          - John Rogers, East Grand Rapids

"My son joined True lacrosse about three years ago. It has been an incredible experience for him both on and off the field! The dedication and skill level of the coaches is top notch. They help the boys develop quality character through lacrosse but the lessons learned will last a lifetime." 

          - Michelle Carter, Forest Hills Central

"I am often asked my perspective of my sons experience playing for True Lacrosse MI.? The first statement out of my mouth is, the coaches (from the top down) care about the kids off the field as much as on the field!  They walk a very fine line of being a coach, mentor and friend, they are kind of like a big brother to some of the players.   The first question the coaches  always  ask when they see the boys  is, how is school, how are your grades, how is everything else going with school?  To us as parents of a student athlete this is another step of accountability that is invaluable to our sons development as an adult more so than a lacrosse player! From there they focus on the players goals. They are honest with your son about if his goals are achievable and what it will take to get there. They will do anything within their power to help your son achieve that goal!  Again , if they are putting the time in they will hold the player accountable that they put the time in as well ! Lastly the summer travel experience has been great, I think my son has made friends for life because of the similar goals and commitments of his teammates.   They travel to some of the top tournaments and play against some of the top teams in the country ….oh and the True Teams are competitive and the boys are having a blast!  Along with the team travel comes the opportunity for the boys to learn to operate as a cohesive team. They have learned that as they work together the will achieve more, and win or lose they always will have something to work on  to get  better as a team and individual. Playing for True Lacrosse MI my son s lacrosse skills have  jumped significantly!  But so has his awareness of what it will take to be successful student in High School and College and as contributing member to society when he is done with school and sports!"

          - Tim English, Forest Hills Central

"Having my son involved with True has not only helped his lacrosse game, but has also had a big impact off the field.  He has taken the lessons about hard work and discipline to heart, and is now much more goal oriented and organized.  This has directly translated into much better academic performance.  He has also developed a group of similarly motivated and like minded friends, which help to drive and keep him on task."

          - Jeff Hinman, Forest Hills Eastern

"Since our son Evan joined the True Lacrosse Family, he has not only become a better lacrosse player, but more importantly, developed into a well rounded young man who understands that academics and family come first.  His coaches continually stress the importance of excelling in school, developing good habits, and setting goals for himself in order to maximize his potential both on and off the field.  Over the past year, Evan has become more self motivated, disciplined and understands that hard work does pay off.  He strives to maintain good grades, set good examples and be respectful of others.  He has had a wonderful experience so far and has learned many life lessons from his excellent coaches!"

          - Evan Velarde, Brighton

"Both of our sons play for the True Lacrosse Michigan State teams.  When our oldest was first considering True, we saw the price tag and wondered what we would be getting for the money.  From our experience it’s been three things.  First they get great instruction.  Typically some of the stronger players in our school district play for True.  They start out quite good and they get so much better.  Recently, all of the underclassmen who’ve been called up to our district’s varsity lacrosse team have been True Lacrosse players.  Second, they get great experience.   These experiences extend far beyond lacrosse.  It's riding the bus to Long Island, crossing the George Washington bridge, and looking south at Manhattan.  It's playing with boys from other local schools that have been our arch enemies and finding out that they're not so bad.  It's playing against "East Coast" boys and realizing that we can hang with them.  Third, they get great role models and mentors in the True coaches.  True could easily be all about Lacrosse.  But the coaches know that there is more to life than lacrosse and that these boys are more then just lacrosse players.  The players are at a pivotal time of their lives and things they do can affect them for a long time.  The coaches discuss both the positives, each boy's goals and dreams, as well as the negatives like peer pressure. They encourage them with their goals and and help them resist some of the more destructive temptations kids face.  Now, after four years with True, we know that it’s been worth every penny."

          - Paul Solberg, East Grand Rapids

"Five years ago, when my son was in the 7th grade, he was literally plucked from a lacrosse clinic that True Lacrosse was holding over Christmas break in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time there were very few programs catering to middle school lacrosse. My son had begun a year before in a local program that was fairly casual. It was the coaches at True Lacrosse who recognized Zach's athletic potential.   Over the course of the next five years Zach was able to fulfill his athletic promise by playing  year round for True. I cannot stress enough how much the coaching and hands on care and concern for my son's well being helped shape his life. Last year as a sophomore in high school Zach was named Ann Arbor Player of the Year and 1st team division 1 Allstate. Zach is verbally committed to the University of Michigan to play lacrosse. I can say unequivocally that none of this would have happened without True Lacrosse. Chris, Dan and Kyle and the entire coaching staff has been invaluable to Zach.  The True Michigan coaches care about the boys as athletes, as students and as they make their way toward college and beyond.  True Michigan as a recruiting program, as a team base for talented athletes, and as a program to help boys mature, is top tier and I cannot possibly give a higher recommendation. "

          - Steve Schwartz, Ann Arbor Skyline

"Most important piece to me was the year-end evaluation that you offered to my son.  I appreciated that, while lacrosse play was assessed, the great majority of the meeting centered on issues faced by a 14 year old.  The discussion on setting goals and aligning actions with those goals had impact for my son.  It was supportive of what we parents talk about with our kids, but when it is reiterated by "cool" lacrosse guys, it resonated for him in a way that parents sometimes do not get from a 14 year old."

          - Bob Nolan, Forest Hills Central

"I wanted to share a few comments on what Hunter’s experience has been with True.  We can’t say enough about what you and the True organization have done for him.  We are very fortunate to be a part of the True family.  Hunter’s quote to me this weekend was “One of the best decisions I have ever made was join True”.  We thank you so much for you and your teams guidance to Hunter.  We are very proud of how he is growing into a respectful young man.

Life lessons

·         Setting goals – Setting short and long term goals was very new to Hunter.  When he met with Coach Dan two years ago they set goals on and off the field.  What activities did he need to do for lacrosse and what did he need to do at home and in school.  School was the number one focus.  He asked how were his grades and what the expectations would be of a student athlete. Those goals Hunter placed on the refrigerator at home and checked off each week/month.  Did he achieve them or no?  He had some good months and not so good months.  It was great when he achieved his goals but was really interesting to watch when he did not achieve them.   How would he deal with disappointment/falling short of his goals?  When Hunter did not make his Varsity lacrosse team he was disappointed, frustrated and angry.  He reached out to coach Dan to get some council.  Dan guided him to stay focused, work hard and good things would happen.  Don’t worry about being on JV but to get as much out of it as he could.  Let this experience motivate you to prove others they were wrong.  You have what it takes to play at the next level.  Hunter took that advice to heart.  He could have given up and just said forget it and complain.  Instead he focused his energy on getting the most out of each practice.  He stayed positive, worked hard, was elected one of the captains of his team taking on a leadership role and eventually was given the chance to play at the Varsity level and did well.  True helped him to understand that to be successful in life you have to set goals and develop a game plan to achieve them.  You won’t always reach your goals but it is how you react when you fall short.  Will you give up, complain about it, or pick yourself up and work harder to achieve your goal.

·         Learn to stand on your own – This is by far the best life lesson Hunter has learned from the True leadership.  Learn to stand on your own.  Over the last 3 years Hunter has grown significantly as a player as well as a young man.  He has received tremendous coaching to help him better understand the game and to develop as a stronger goalie/leader.  As we have started in the recruiting process, I have seen him take the initiative to ask questions of Coach Chris to understand what are the steps to follow.  True has been very candid about what it takes to play at the next level.  They are there to help the players, but they are not there to do the work for them.  Each player needs to create a highlight video.  Identify the schools they have interest in and make contact with the coaches to introduce themselves and find out about potential prospect days.  After our first prospect day experience, as a parent I could not be more proud.  He looked professional when he arrived on campus for the tour.  He gave 110% on the field.  He spoke to each of the coaches and looked them in the eye and thanked them for the experience and the opportunity to play in front of them.  He took the initiative to pick up after himself and others when the day was done.  I could not have been more proud to see my 16 year stand on his own and do well in a stressful situation.  I had no involvement other than to drive him to and from the event.  But the icing on the cake was when he looked at me and thanked me for taking him and giving him the opportunity.   Regardless of what happens, he appreciates the opportunities he has been given and he knows he has to work hard every day to achieve his goals.  No one else is going to do it for him.

·         Understanding what success means to you – I remember the first time Coach Chris asked Hunter what success meant to him.  He paused and didn’t really know what to say.  Coach gave him some examples and asked him more questions.  It really made Hunter think about what does success look like for him.  Success is more than just being a good lacrosse player.  It was from these discussions with Coach that he really got serious about evaluating what he wants to pursue after High School.  What college does he want to attend?  What career does he want to study? What does he need to do right now on and off the field to achieve his goals helping him to become successful."

          - Michelle Braun, Detroit Catholic Central