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School of Lacrosse

Second Summer of School of Lacrosse

True Michigan is heading into it's 2nd Summer of School of Lacrosse with over 100 athletes trained so far! We are excited to offer another session to continue the success we've had from last year. 

Each session goes for two hours, twice a week. The first hour is strictly speed, strength and agility training. The second hour is all stick work with game-like scenarios and high intensity training by emphasizing reps every 10 seconds.

We cater our workouts to each athletes age, strength and skill level. We don't care what shape you're in when you start, we only care about progressing your athletic ability after each session. 

At School of Lacrosse we test our athletes in the first week in a format similar to the NFL combine in what we call "the base-line test". Max push-ups, max pull-ups, shuttle run, broad jump, vertical and a timed wall ball test are used to gauge where their strengths and weaknesses. We then test them at the end of the 10 weeks to see how well they've improved. During the 1st week of the initial base-line testing we also give an informative demonstration on how to correctly perform the lifts we'll be asking our athletes to do.  We also have them list three TANGIBLE goals for the summer and continually check up on their progression towards these goals.

We are offering multiple types of packages this year

  • Punch cards at a fraction of the price for the busier families that won't be able to make it every session
  • Group rates for players who want to train with their buddies or teammates
  • Travel team discounts if you've been a member of one of teams past or present 


"Our son Grayson was selected to play for True Grand Rapids U13.  Grayson was about 76lbs before he started working out with Coach DeJaeger.  Grayson had set goals with Coach KO at the beginning of the True season to gain weight, eat healthy, volunteer, be a leader at practice, give 100% effort and be a stronger more agile attack. Coach DeJaeger worked with those goals in mind. He did a pretest training skill set for all the kids before starting the School of Lax program. During the 10 week program, these coaches pushed these kids beyond their comfort zones and gave them confidence. He adapted the workouts, doing different skills every practice and provided a really tough workout that was age appropriate. He never missed an opportunity to correct their mistakes or to push them when they felt weak.  The expectations were set high to the True model. The post test was amazing. Grayson had gained 5lbs of muscle, could sprint faster, do more pull ups and increased the speed of his wall ball set. He's still small but making strides everyday he works with True.  We were so impressed with our True experience at School of Lax, we signed up for a second session and Grayson made the U15 team.  True training is fantastic and these coaches are amazing male role models. If you want your player to excel at lacrosse, in school and build confident young men, send them to True!"

-Sandra Pratt mother of Grayson Pratt (True Grand Rapids 2021)

"My son John (7th grader with FHC youth lacrosse) decided to try School of Lax this past Fall because he wanted to improve his strength and speed while maintaining his stick skills during the off-season.  He quickly saw improvement, which motivated him so he decided to continue in the Winter.  By the end of the Winter session, every baseline metric improved significantly.  However, aside from this improvement (which has made him a better player), the program taught him that hard work pays off.  It reinforced that there aren’t short cuts to getting better.  If you enjoy something enough and want to improve at it, you need to put the time in.  This is something my wife and I have always preached but the School of Lax proved it to him first-hand.  For anyone considering it, the School of Lax is extremely well run.  It’s very structured and high energy.  The up tempo, intense nature of the training is well suited to any player interested in elevating their game.  I think it’s a great value for what’s provided and the return your son or daughter will get (provided they put the work in).  I highly recommend it."

-Tom Tomsheck father of John Tomsheck (True State Team/True National Team 2022)  

“Jack really enjoyed school of lax and Jimmy kept it fun while they trained.  The program was a good mix of strength and agility training combined with improving lacrosse skills.  It helped Jack improve his lacrosse IQ by watching films and applying the learnings in the gym.  Was a great way for a middle schooler to learn about proper techniques, set a baseline and see improvement.  This season, Jack is stronger and more confident as a lacrosse player because of school of lax.”

-John Coyle father of Jack Coyle (True State Team 2021)

"School of Lacrosse has been vital in Nicholas' level of mental confidence and physical strength.  He strives to meet all the expectations of his coaches and continually challenges himself to do better.  Not only has Nicholas improved in his lacrosse skill, but he is showing a much higher degree of confidence in all areas of his life, his school work has improved tremendously, and he has set goals for his future!  

Nicholas has been a leader on his school team this spring and has shown what he has learned with his True coaches and training at School of Lacrosse.  "

-Melinda Anstead mother of Nick Anstead (True Grand Rapids 2021)

1st Hour (Lifting)

1-10 minutes: Dynamic Stretch

10-30 minutes: Strength and Explosiveness

30-50 minutes: Speed and Agility 

50-60 minutes: High Intensity Conditioning

2nd Hour (Stick-Work)

Top Two Hardest Workers from lifting are Captains and Pick Teams

60-70 minutes: Wall Ball Warmup/Quick Rep Passing Drills

70-90 minutes: Uneven work 2v1, 4v3, 5v4

90-110 minutes: Competitive Drills (west genny, fireball, groundballs to cage) 

110-120 minutes: Static Stretch

Middle School (5th-8th Grade)

30 players Max 

  • 2 Days of training every week on strength, speed, and lacrosse ability all with professional assistance. Coaches and trainers will be pushing you every step of the way
  • Monday and Wednesday: 9-11am and 4-6pm
  • Daily Work on strength through calisthenic and body weight resistance training. Core strengthening
  • Daily Speed and agility training
  • Daily field work broken down by position

High School

30 players Max 

  • 2 Days of training every week on strength, speed, and lacrosse ability all with professional assistance. Coaches and trainers will be pushing you every step of the way!
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 9-11am and 4-6pm
  • Daily Work on strength through calisthenic and body weight resistance training. Core strengthening
  • Daily Speed and agility training
  • Daily field work broken down by position

College/Varsity Elite INVITE ONLY

25 Players Max

  • 2 Days of Weight, Agility, speed, & strength. Coaches and Trainers will be pushing you every step of the way!
  • Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Full weight room workouts charted for individual growth
  • Speed and agility test to measure increases in ability
  • Break down by positions and group work on field

Meet The Coaches

Jimmy DeJaeger - Director School of Lacrosse

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer.
  • 2X All American, 3X All Conference and 2X Captain at Davenport University.
  • 2X Fitness Champ - Davenport Men's Lacrosse 2014 & 2015.
  • Holds Record for: 
    • ​​​​​​​Face offs won in 1 game (29) 
    • Most GB's in a season (122)
    • Average ground balls in a game (7.03) 
    • Ground balls in a single game (15) 
    • Face off percentage (.70)
Dan Catzere - State Team Director/Director of Michigan 
  • Current Assistant Coach at Detroit Mercy 
  • Assistant Coach at Michigan State University 2016
  • Assistant Coach at Davenport University 2015
  • MCLA DII National Champion 2014 at GVSU
  • 2011 - 2014 Assistant Coach at Grand Valley State University
  • East Grand Rapids State Champion 2004
  • Davenport University Lacrosse - Captain
Kyle Osipoff - Grand Rapids Director/ Director of Michigan
  • Davenport University Defensive Coordinator (2011-2012)
  • FHN Head Coach
  • First Team All American (2007) - EGR
  • First Team All State (2006 & 2007)
  • EGR Lacrosse State Champion (2007)




$800.00 For unlimited sessions

$400.00 For 10-session Punch Card

$50 off if you register by June 1st - Discount Code: Earlybird

$50 off if you're a member of one of our teams - Contact Jim Dejaeger for discount code.

Ask about our group rates!


Location: 5000 36th Street Grand Rapids MI

200 yards from the SE Corner of Patterson and 36th Street


Start Date: June 19th (1 Week Following State Championship)

End Date: August 24th 


9-11am Middle School

4-6pm Middle School


9-11am High School

4-6pm High School


9-11am Middle School

4-6pm Middle School


9-11am High School

4-6pm High School

James Dejaeger

Director School of Lacrosse

Phone: 248.805.7029

Kyle Osipoff

True Michigan Director