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    New To The True Michigan Program?

    For all new players entering our program we are offering a free personal evaluation. The evaluation will take roughly 25 mins (skills & evaluation) and will cover wall ball, catching, passing, shooting and athletic ability. A quick assessment will let us tell you areas of your game that need improvement and ways to improve those aspects. Email us to set up your free personal evaluation!

    Training, Classes, and More! LAX HAUS

    Are you looking for more in West Michigan? We offer classes, training sessions, coaches clinics and more! Whatever you need in terms of lacrosse we offer it. Break down by positions, increasing ability and IQ and helping out our local coaches. Check out what we have to offer!


    Mission Statement

    Our goal with our players is to help them become successful on and off the field. Our focus is to help pave a path for our student athletes with the goals they have laid out for themselves. What we want is growth from when you enter the program to when they leave. Our program is about the experience they have. 

    Top notch training is a given. The boys will be pushed hard and taught the ins and outs of their respective position. Discipline, leadership, confidence, team work, will be drilled home each practice, tournament, and camp.

    What Separates us From Other Programs?

    Please read Coach Catzere 's write up of what separates us from other programs!


    Click here to watch videos about the lax haus and highlight films of our programs!

    Recruiting 101

    What to know about the recruiting process